July 10, 2010

Batman vs. The Undead

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I went into a nearby comic store today to browse around and use a gift certificate I got for my birthday last year when I saw this on the stand.

I generally don't like it when Batman tangles with the supernatural, so I didn't pick it up, but now I'm kicking myself for not grabbing a copy after reading the synopsis online.
When Doctor Herbert Combs escapes from Arkham Asylum, he travels to New Orleans in an attempt to once again raise the dead. The only ones who can stop him are Dimeter - a vampire with a score to settle - and The Dark Knight. Can Batman join this creature of the night in order to stop Combs' mad plan?
First off, the name "Doctor Herbert Combs" is a clever combination of H.P. Lovecraft's title character from the story "Herbert West—Reanimator" and actor Jeffrey Combs who plays West in the film Re-Animator. Secondly, imagining a mad scientists who creates zombies locked up in Arkham kind of gets me a little hot.

The story also takes place in New Orleans with Batman working alongside a vampire. I kind of picture Dimeter the vampire as Bill from True Blood and Batman as Sookie Stackhouse. Makes sense, right?

For thoughts on the book by someone who has actually read it, check out Batman On Film for a review and brief explanation of some Lovecraftian connections to the world of Batman that I didn't even know about.