July 11, 2010

Zombie Car Accident in Portland -- Send more Paramedics!

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Imagine for a moment you are a police officer or some other emergency responder in Portland. On a routine day, you arrive at the scene of an accident in which a car on I-84 swerved into the eastbound lane, flipped, and rolled. But when you get there, the driver and passenger stumble from the wreck. And they're ALL ZOMBIES.

Or, at least, people dressed up like zombies.

This was the scene police faced on July 9th according to a report from KGW.com
Police said that in their investigation they learned that the people inside the car were dressed as zombie costumes and they were headed to a party at the time of the crash.

Sgt. Greg Stewart said people who witnessed the crash initially thought the victims' injuries were much more serious, because of the zombie costumes.

"We're glad that everyone is alive, despite being 'undead'," Sgt. Stewart said, referring to the costumes.

While everyone in the car was taken to the hospital, Stewart said crews are investigating the possibility that more people were in the car at the time of the crash but fled the scene on foot.

The crash halted traffic in the eastbound lanes for about an hour, reducing travel to just one lane.  All eastbound lanes were opened at around 11 p.m.

Some of those zombies may still be on the loose. Stay frosty, folks.