August 29, 2010

Fan Expo-losion: DAY 1: Horror in the Hammer Party (August 27th)

With the panels out of the way, I dropped off some of the swag I acquired and then made my way to the Rivoli for the Horror in the Hammer Mixer after party. I was an hour late to arrive, so I didn't get to say hello to the cast of Medium Raw and Dark Rising 2, but I did get to share a drink with zombie artist Rob Sacchetto ( and his wife Andrea. Rob made it absolutely clear that I am a chump for not yet seeing Piranha 3D, which he was incredibly enthusiastic about. Along with Fright Night Theatre programmer Jay Winger, we had a good conversation about the gore, T n' A, and pure fun of older horror films that seems to be lacking in a lot of horror these days.

Andrea and Rob Sacchetto
Fright Night Theatre programmer: Jay Winger

Kris Hadfield, co-host of the Screamwave Horror Podcast
Horror in the Hammer's Jennifer Emily shooting some pool.
Horror in the Hammer regulars: James and Tracey
 Barbara and Vanessa
Also at the party, Punch Zombie FX artist Kristen Demelo had gore-ified some of the girls from the Pretty n' Inked burlesque show, and photographer Jennifer Emily made sure to immortalize the girls in a series of sexy and bloody photo sessions. How can girls this gory be so sexy?

Punch Zombie FX: Kristen does bloody good makeup!

And what night is complete without a messy and sauce-drowned sausage from one of Toronto's many late-night street meat vendors? Delicious!