August 29, 2010

Fan Expo-losion: DAY 2: Cosplay Cornucopia (August 28th)

I really love cosplayers. As a zombie walker and a fan of Halloween, I admire the effort, the creativity, and the attention to detail that cosplayers put into their costumes. One of the reasons I like Fan Expo is that it always brings out a colorful collection of costumed con-goers who mingle and pose for photo ops before entering into the Masquerade costume showcase.

Oddly, I didn't see many horror costumes this year, but the Fan Expo was so large that it was impossible to see everyone. You just had to be lucky enough to have a great cosplayer cross your path. Here's my collection of cosplay photos from my last day at the Fan Expo and Festival of Fear.


Expecting outrageous food prices, these zombies brought their own snack
Who could argue with that face?
Bill has alerted the Witch!
This kid was rocking a classic Flyboy from Dawn of the Dead.
This dude had the best costume, in my opinion.
Brave Umbrella soldiers on hand to suppress the undead


The Doctor intervenes
And the Dalek retreats
The stately and dignified Scout Trooper.
Kids were allowed to shoot Nerf darts at Storm Troopers. He hasn't been this embarrassed since those Ewoks kicked his ass with nothing but rocks and sticks.


When I took this picture, I couldn't see Scarecrow's eyes, but the camera flash made him look demonic!
The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend -- I'm sorry, I mean Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. From the Venture Brothers cartoon.
Lady Hellboy
Joker and Harely Quinn

Louis Tulley from Ghostbusters
I later learned this guy's girl's head is the Companion Cube from Portal