August 16, 2010

TORONTO AFTER DARK: Cargo and RoboGeisha

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Last night, the Bloor Cinema played host to two films with a sci-fi edge: Cargo and RoboGeisha.
Cargo is a beautiful looking Swiss sci-fi film (the first ever to come out of Switzerland's nascent film industry). Filmed on only 2 million US dollars, it's an impressive looking film that, in the first half, manages to weave a quite satisfying pot-boiler into an isolation thriller. Unfortunately, it borrows too much from far more established sci-fi films; by the time it turns into a mystery film the solution is quite predictable. Too many recycled tropes and images may, to a Western audience, make Cargo feel old hat. The directorial vision, however, is clearly strong. I, on the other hand, learned my Swiss is not strong. It sounded like German to me.

During the Cargo screening I met Sasha, a film blogger from Toronto. You all want to check out her reviews at She's covering the hell out of Toronto After Dark and will be around for more days than I.

Two lovely warriors come out in style for RoboGeisha

Next up was the completely outrageous RoboGeisha from director Noboru Iguchi. My friend calls it, "complete horse shit." I call it a complete blast. Two fueding sisters are transformed into mechanized Geisha assassins in this ludicrous and outlandish Japanese embrace of all things weird. With subtitles a hilarious as the cartoonish visuals, RoboGeisha is a low-budget sci-fi fantasy bleeding insanity all over your Persian rug. Chainsaw mouths, machine gun breasts, arm pit and ass swords, acid breast milk, a castle that turns into a robot -- it is completely cult fringe cinema. I ate it up with a spoon.

Expect full reviews of Cargo and RoboGeisha in the coming days over at my general horror blog: MONSTER CHILLER HORROR THEATRE

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the 9:45pm screening of HIGH School co-starring Adrien Brody. It was that or eat dinner. My stomach came before the Brody this time.

Tonight, Eli Roth is in Toronto for the SOLD OUT screening of The Last Exorcism, which he produced, at 7:00pm. Following The Last Exorcism, Toronto After Dark dips back into Asian fringe cinema with Alien vs. Ninja at 9:45pm.

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