August 15, 2010

Toronto After Dark: Zombie Appreciation Night 2010

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Is the popularity of the zombie (to excuse a pun) dying out?

A cursory observation of the crowd that gathered on August 14th for Toronto After Dark's Zombie Appreciation Night showed that the living significantly outnumbered the undead. Even with a discounted admission for festival goers who came in costume, there were significantly fewer zombies in the crowd than last year. Does this mean that zombies are losing their appeal?

Strike a Pose! Vogue!
Based on the crowd's enthusiasm for the night's two films Doghouse and Evil - In the Time of Heroes (co-presented by the Toronto Zombie Walk), I think it's clear that zombies are as popular as ever. People cheered for every decapitation and bloody dispatch of a ghoul. The crowed moaned loud and proud for brains. Despite the lack of costumes, everyone who turned out for Zombie Appreciation Night clearly had a love for zombies in their hearts.

Check out my Facebook gallery of zombies who put on their bloody best for the night's screenings of Jake West's Doghouse and the Greek feature Evil -- In the Time of Heroes

Aloha, zombie!
At Toronto After Dark, the movie-going experience always feels intimate and interactive regardless of how many people are packed into the Bloor Cinema. You know that everyone around you has a love for film and fully embraces horror, sci-fi, action, and cult genres. They're not there just to waste a bored evening. Too many audiences who check into their local sprawling, multi-screen movie theater chains have no interest in film. Half the time, they know nothing about what they paid to see. As a result, they use going to the movies as an excuse to talk loudly to their friends, play on their laptops, or chat on their cellphones -- everything but actually watch the movie in front of them. Toronto After Dark attracts a social audience, but it's an audience who loves genre film. 

Make sure you get your tickets for today's films and be a part of this great audience experience. Today at After Dark: 4.15 PM sci-fi CARGO, 7 PM ROBOGEISHA, 9.45 PM Adrien Brody in HIGH SCHOOL! 

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