August 15, 2010


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During last night's Zombie Appreciation Night, Toronto After Dark screened a sort film before each feature, one of which readers of The Zed Word will already be familiar.

First up, leading into Doghouse was the hilarious short "Inferno of the Dead" from director Jeremy Gillespie. Obviously inspired by the low budget look of zombie films like Burial Ground: Nights of Terror, "Inferno of the Dead" presents a whole new take on what makes zombies a threat. I was literally laughing until I cried. A quirky take on the undead. Check it out!

Second up, a short I reviewed last year at the Zombie Short Film Festival in Toronto: "They Shall Pay With Rivers of Blood." A faux-grindhouse short that combines gunplay, running zombies, and ninjas perfectly complemented the following feature, Evil - In the Time of Heroes.

They Shall Pay With Rivers of Blood from Buck Anderson on Vimeo.

Now I'm off to see the swiss sci-fi film Cargo and then the Japanese splatter madness of GeishaRobot