September 8, 2010

Fan Expo-losion: Day 2- BOOTH HOPPING (Aug 28)

Sorry for the break in my Fan Expo coverage; life and work intervened. But I'm back to give you something of an overview of the booths that I stopped at during the Festival of Fear at the 2010 Fan Expo. 

Hungry like the wolf
The first thing I had to see was The Wolf costume from Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (review) at the Black Walk and Defiant Empires booth. Also on hand was the cast of Medium Raw including star Brigitte Kingsley and the cast of Dark Rising 2, including comedian "Nug"

Down the convention floor was an interactive booth promoting the Alien film franchise on Bluray. You could step up into one of the stasis pods from Alien and pick up a paper cut-out of a face hugger.

Who are these eerie individuals? None other than the proprietors of the Gemini Company. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, John Weisgerber's Gemini Company offers high quality curiosities, oddities, and collectibles for the darkly fashionable. On display, John had sideshow replicas cast from fetal bones and two-headed animals, fake candy corn jewelry, brain soap and more

Check out their STORE for more curiosities like this spooky Fiji Mermaid.

Right next door, I met up with the guys from ZOMBIE LIQUORICE.

 A Canadian t-shirt biz, Zombie Liquorice offers up some of the best zombie t-shirts, in my opinion. If, like me, you like your zombies gory and accompanied by copious gut munching, then you'll really dig these undead-themed vestments.

My favorite shirt, not pictured here, is of a zombie taking a bite out of a zombie. Hell yeah! Take that fang-face.

Looking for some vampires and zombies of a cuter variety? Then check out the merch from Sick on Sin.
Sick On Sin is a tirelessly operated by Jennifer Krebsz, a one-woman robot from the future programmed to make and pack orders -- with a vengeance. With comics artist Michael Lalonde (interview) designs all the graphics, the end result is Sick On Sin, an online only store of high-quality and memorable shirts, buttons, and tote bags. 

Representing Hamilton in spooktacular style was of course Gruesome Enterprises. Operated by Edgar and Lady Ligeia Gruesome, Gruesome Enterprises offers "art and gifts for dark and morbid tastes" including gift baskets that they deliver world-wide. So many goodies! I had a free sample of chai-spiced chocolate skulls that was to die for.

Also from Ontario, I stopped over at the Fort Fright booth to check out the coffin rides they were giving. Much cheaper than the mustache rides that guy was peddling in the parking lot.

Not to be missed, Charles Band of Full Moon was setting up his booth and showing off all his movies about tiny terrors and obscure, low-budget goodness.

But maybe killer dolls aren't your thing? How does competitive pillow fighting take you?

 The Pillow Fight League was on hand to drum up support for the sport. As Wikipedia will tell you, "the Pillow Fight League (PFL) is a Toronto-based semi-professional sports league centered around public pillow fights." Despite the pillow talk, I hear that these fights can get quite rough with bruises and scrapes abound.

From pillow fighting ladies to the neck-biting variety, True Blood was represented by a couple of sexy VILFS.

Vilf? I don't get --- oh. I see.
 And what's a trip to Fan Expo without stopping by The Devil's Latex booth?

Here, Steve Bellamy of The Devil's Latex shows off some of the custom hoods and masks they make in the look of a certain unhappy camper with a machete who refuses to die.

This is only a small fraction of the booths at Toronto Fan Expo. You could spend a whole weekend just visiting every booth. 
You'd also spend a whole lot of money. Start working off those credit cards now in anticipation of next year.