September 1, 2010

Fan Expo-losion: Day 2- CELEB SIGHTINGS (Aug 28)

This year, I didn't make it a point to get very close to the "big name" celebs at the Festival of Fear. For one, I wasn't getting anything signed, so waiting in line was not appealing. Second, I always enjoy talking more with the lesser-known independent writers, artists, and filmmakers at the Fan Expo. I had a few brushes with stardom (such as the SO LOVELY Felicia Day), but my favorite memories are meeting with the good people not charging an arm and a leg for autographs at the terminating end of a human cattle drive.

Case in point, I was so pleased to meet with Sharon Ceccatti-Hill. You will know her as the NURSE ZOMBIE from George Romero's original Dawn of the Dead. Inside, I was fanboying so hard I don't even remember what I said in my interview with her (find out in an upcoming episode of my podcast: Screawave).

Nurse Zombie meets Zombie Lover
 She was incredibly nice and open with her fans. I even helped a young lad dressed up in a perfect Flyboy costume to find her booth. Stay in touch with Sharon by checking out her brand new Facebook page: NURSE ZOMBIE

Here's an odd photo op I stumbled upon. I just happened to be walking past the booth for Art Hindle (The Brood, Porky's, Black Christmas) when I saw him chatting with the lovely Brigitte Kingsley (Medium Raw, Dark Rising 2). Such a meeting of older generation and newer generation Canadian genre actors I could not pass up, so I snapped a picture.

Art Hindle and Brigitte Kingsley
Later on Saturday, during my marathon of interviews with vampire authors, I took time out to get a picture with the charismatic Karen Dales, author of the Chosen Chronicles.

Me with Karen Dales
As equally nice to talk to as Karen, Wayne Mallows was seated across the aisle. Despite his monstrous appearance, we had a good conversation about his vampire novel steeped in Victorian history: Whitechapel Road: A Vampyre Tale

My Wayne, what big fangs you have.
 Then, while trying to find the David Cronenberg panel, I stumbled into a media scrum with Felicia Day (The Guild, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog). You're lucky I got any pictures at all. I could have just stood there and stared. In case you can't figure it out, she's gorgeous!

It's too bad I missed her panel.

I like to make my convention experiences as social as possible. If that means not busting my ass to get a strained shot of Stan Lee or William Shatner, then so be it. I take things as they come, and that usually leads me to some great people.