September 25, 2010

PHOTOS: The Dead and the Deadly of DEAD GENESIS

DEAD GENESIS is a new zombie film from writer and director Reese Eveneshen. Dead Genesis takes place in a world where the zombies have risen to feed of the living, forcing survivors into a day-to-day struggle with violence and moral uncertainty. Courtesy of the Dead Genesis press kit, treat yourself to a photographic introduction to the film's leads and the ravenous zombies clamoring for their flesh

JILLIAN HURST (Emily Alatalo): amateur documentarian

Korvin (Colin Paradine): Leader of the zombie-hunting squad, the DEADHEADS

Fynn (Lionel Boodlal): Loving husband and father.

Cricket (Erin Stuart): Speak softly and carries a big stick
Visit the official DEAD GENESIS website.