September 8, 2010

Zombieland 2 Details

I wasn't a big fan of Zombieland. It was amusing enough, but something about the film never really connected with me as other zombie comedies have.

Nevertheless, I am interested in the sequel, especially the prospect of it being in 3D. Unlike James Cameron, I feel that 3D is most befitting of horror and exploitation projects, and Zombieland director Reuben Fleischer seems to agree.

MTV News recently spoke Fleischer on the set of 30 Minutes or Less to talk about Zombieland 2 as a 3D project.
"I love 3-D" Fleischer said. "I have a hard time saying when it's not done well, because I have almost a childlike experience watching 3-D. It's just so cool to me when stuff comes out of the screen. That may sound naïve, but I really do like the way it looks."

"Obviously, animation works terrific in 3-D," he continued. "I thought 'Avatar' was a complete revolution. But I even love 'My Bloody Valentine 3-D' — the schlockier movies that are in 3-D. I think it's cool to see stuff fly at your face. The idea of zombies splattering into the lens is exciting for me. I understand Mr. Cameron's point as far as not overdoing it and not making it gimmicky. I still go for that stuff. That's the part I'm excited about."
In the MTV news article, Fleischer also said that Zombieland 2 would be shot with 3D cameras, and the story of the sequel would take place after the first film yet flashback to before the zombie outbreak and potentially fast forward into the future.

None of the Zombieland stars have made deals to appear yet, but Fleischer says they are excited to return.