September 14, 2010

Zombies in My Home Town

If the actual writing in the novel Zombies in My Home Town lacks the kind of tongue-in-cheek winks evident in this description, that would be a shame.
All Joe Jefferson wants to do is go fishing. But little does he know, three days later he'll be leading a ragtag group of survivors through a zombie-infested town. A mortician's skin treatment has done its job a little too well. Aunt Millie makes a miraculous recovery and goes on a murderous rampage, to the amazement of the mourners. Friends, relatives, the mortician, and even the televangelist, Reverend Purswell, are left to sort out the leftovers. Nobody knows what the mess is all about until confronted with the exponentially born again. As more of the recently deceased munch on the town, the police have one idea about how to confront the zombies, and the Reverend Purswell another. While everyone is engaged with tom-foolery, Officer Sandra Anderson and Joe get to the bottom of the horror, one grave encounter at a time. Not much of a first date. Will they ever get to a simple dinner and movie?

Zombies in My Home Town is written by Gary Wedlund.