November 23, 2010

SUPPORT BLOOD AND DUST -- Help fund an Indie Zombie Film

Ever wanted to be a filmmaker? Well, the technology is ready and waiting. The only obstacle, however, is time and money. I haven't figured out how to donate time yet, so the least I can do is put a spotlight on promising, independent horror filmmakers who want to raise some money in order to raise some cinematic hell!

Case in point: BLOOD AND DUST. Help Trickster Moon Productions finance the creation of this short by contributing via the film's KICKSTARTER page. With donations as low as one dollar, you can help produce an independent zombie film.

The folks at Trickster Moon are looking to raise some funds and turn their gloriously bloody proof-of-concept trailer into a short zombie movie. They need to raise $25,000 by February15th to ensure they can turn this trailer into a fully-realized short film with all the violence, sexual situations and gore they have imagined. With a few hundred dollars and the help of friends, Dean Sasser and Morgan Elektra of Trickster Moon Productions have already created a very intriguing and very bloody sample of horror. I want to see their vision come to full fruition. Won't you help them?

The power of the Internet compels you! The power of the Internet compels you!

Blood and Dust Kickstarter DONATION PAGE:
Blood and Dust trailer (Youtube):