December 20, 2010

All I Want for (Zombie) Christmas - Part 1

Recently, I put out a call to fellow zombie bloggers, podcasters, writers, artists,. and filmmakers to ask them, "What do you want for Zombie Christmas?" Here's some of their undead wish lists.
What I want from Zombie Santa is this awesome zombie lawn sculpture.
Imagine the fun to plant this puppy in your flower bed and having the meter reader coming over and flying back down your driveway thinking that his brains were in danger of being munched on. Might be worth setting up a webcam for.
  • When Wayne Kotke isn't decking the halls, he is the president, spokesman, and founder of Dead 2 Rights, an organization fighting for the rights of the living impaired.
What I want this Christmas is nothing. And by "nothing," I mean: no bullets to the head, no mobs of armed vigilantes, no screams from pretty girls, no video games in which my people are hunted for sport, etc. An absence of these things for just one day would be the greatest Christmas gift I could receive. But I'd settle for a Toblerone bar (a welcome change from the Louisville Sluggers with which people normally greet me).
You can hear Wayne on the Mail Order Zombie podcast and read his Dead 2 Rights blog at

  • Under the mistletoe, Reese Eveneshen is the writer/director of the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie film Dead Genesis. (
This year there are a few things I would really appreciate from the always bloody and jolly Zombie Santa.

1. The entire The Walking Dead graphic novel collection.

2. Joe Kane's new book Night of the Living Dead: Behind the scenes of the most terrifying zombie movie ever made!

3. David Cronenberg's Shivers on DVD (technically not the walking dead, but the sexualized victims of the parasite carry a certain zombie charm to them)

So if Zombie Santa and his band of 8 zombie reindeer (yes 8, because the reindeer happily ate Rudolph for being different) could place those under my christmas tree, I would be a very happy zombie lover this year.

  • Guess who I saw kissing Santa Claus? Katie Carman, the Brookyln-based film director of Eat Me! No doubt she's trying to presuade him to drop off these zombie goodies.
Solar-Powered Zombie Lamp: What better way to illuminate your yard then with the help of a lantern-bearing zombie? Not just for Halloween, it's life-sized head and arm protruding from the ground should also work well to ward off evil home-invader types.

Dawn of the Dead signed cast photo: One of the ultimate gifts for any zombie-fan, a photograph signed by cast members of George Romero's 1978 Dawn of the Dead. Suitable for framing and hanging prominently in your abode.

Dawn of the Dead Poster for Japanese release: Another badass piece of Dawn memorabilia -- I always liked the Japanese release's artwork in particular...

In all seriousness though, the most important zombie-related gift you could give a loved one would be something they could actually use in case of zombie-attack, and so I've added to my wish list this beautiful 18" steel machete, from Target no less! Weighing less than a pound with a double-sided blade (one side is serrated, I guess in case you have trouble removing the zeds head), and costing less than $30 it would make a perfect stocking stuffer! Just make sure they don't cut their own hands off trying to unwrap it.

Katie Carman's first feature, Eat Me! a zombie horror comedy produced in 2009, has screened at various festivals and was released this November in Japan by Japan Video Distribution, Inc. She is currently in post-production on her second feature, Off Season, a noir-horror film set to be released Summer 2011.

More to come! Want to tell Zombie Santa what you want for Christmas? Email me for inclusion in our next part.