December 23, 2010

All I Want for (Zombie) Christmas -- Part 2

Recently, I put out a call to fellow zombie bloggers, podcasters, writers, artists,. and filmmakers to ask them, "What do you want for Zombie Christmas?" Here's the rest of their undead wish lists. (Part One HERE)

  • Jennifer Emily of ArtGreen Productions and Horror in the Hammer wants something gruesome.
Oh! This is an easy one! Gruesome Enterprises sells a body collection called Bloodbath. They sell creams and soaps all for undead skin.

And their tasty krispie brain treats? Delicious!
Jennifer Emily is the co-founder of ArtGreen Productions: a visual art production team in the Hamilton area that gathers artists to develop creative concepts in a collaborative workshop that produces art that is fresh, dynamic, and unconventional.

  • Derek M. Koch was hanging stockings by the chimney with care when he shared his Christmas wish.
Oh, Zombie Santa . . . Please, oh, please don't get ME anything. Instead, please visit all the good low-/no-budget movie-makers and give them a big bash of cash. You see, I know they want to make the best zombie movies possible, but sometimes money is tight and sometimes making a zombie movie can be expensive. All those good little zombie movie-making boys and girls could use a handful of cash to better realize their zombie movie-making dreams. And, no, this isn't me being selfish. No, I'm not asking you to give movie-makers more money because I want to review more zombie movies with higher budgets and better production values. This isn't about me, Zombie Santa. It's about the children . . . I mean, the zombie movie-makers of the world.
Derek, aka Brother D, is a writer, blogger, filmmaker, and the host of the Mail Order Zombie podcast.

  • Need a Nickname Scott has a very shiny nose. Some would even say it glows.
I'm hoping Zombie Santa brings one of the Left 4 Dead 2 plush characters.  Either the Boomer, the Tank or the Hunter.  Each one of them features in-sounds from the game.

Need a Nickname Scott is the Zombie Beat Cub Reporter for the Mail Order Zombie podcast and co-host of the Disney, Indiana Podcast.
  • In the meadow Jason Nagy can build a snowman
What zombie items do I want under my tree this year?  If we're talking survival, I would like Santa to hire a contractor to remove my home from the grid and fortify it.  Solar panels, water filtration, reinforced doors, and metal shutters for the windows.  While we're at it, I'll take a few handguns with silencers and some machetes.  Of course, I will need something like a Hummer for those times when I do need to venture out.  He can park it in the back where it will be surrounded by the 8 foot tall stone wall that surrounds the house.  Right next to the parked gas tanker. For under the tree, he can leave me every piece from Sideshow's The Dead line of collectibles
Jason is founder and editor of Zombies & Toys (, a website designed to be your one-stop shop for news of the undead.  Featuring contests and prizes every month and home of The Zombie Toy Store
  • Dave is away in a manger, so I hear.
I write the @WausauLoner zompocalypse Twitter story. I’m fairly certain what he wants for (Zombie) Christmas is a can of mandarin oranges. And maybe something for his dog, Shorty, because supplies of her favorite food have run out, too.
  • John Migliore stepped away from his grave long enough to confide the following on Zombie Santa's knee
Though it may seem redundant for me, I'd really like a copy of How To Be A Zombie: The Essential Guide For Anyone Who Craves Brains by Sarena Valentino! Tell Zanta I wouldn't mind this, either!
 John Migliore is a professional background performer and zombie who has appeared as a zombie in a number of films including Survival of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption.
I hope Zombie Santa brings you everything you've wanted and takes the milk and cookies instead of your brains on his way out.