December 14, 2010

Trailer Tuesday: Suburban Zombie Christmas (2008)

The trailer to a Canadian short film from 2008 about a preppy community that turns zombie over the 12 days of Christmas. Directed by Michael Melski.

SUBURBAN ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS is a horror-satire that takes place over the 12 hellacious days of Christmas in Bedford, Nova Scotia. When celeb grocery guru Pete Potter praises an exotic new spice for Christmas pies and puddings, suburbanites line up in droves for it. Unfortunately, this trendy spice is a secret soul-destroying herb from the isle of Haiti, the ancestral home of zombie-ism. Uh-oh! When undergrads Bailey, Harry, and Zuzu return home from college for xmas break, they discover that their affluent parents have developed certain new 'tastes'. Instead of keeping up with the joneses, they're now eating them. And the kids are next. Irreverent madness ensues, roasting christmas conventions over an open fire.Preppy Bedford becomes a bloody battleground, as our young heroes fight to find the lost soul of Christmas in the blundering cannibalistic beast that the holiday has become.