January 29, 2011

CW Bringing Zombies to Teen TV with 'The Awakening'

In TV, there's nothing better than exploiting a trend. As such, the original minds at CW are following AMC and developing  their own zombie TV series: The Awakening

Not to be confused with the early feminist novel or the horror-thriller of the same name starring Charlton Heston, The Awakening will be about "two sisters who face off against each other just as the zombie apocalypse kicks in," according to Entertainment Weekly.

The series will be written by William Laurin and Glenn Davis (The Listener) but is clearly following in the wake of AMC's The Walking Dead.

The CW is something of a teen-oriented network, so the way I see it this show can go one of two ways. One, it will turn out to be a melodramatic and highly glossy borefest like The Vampire Diaries. Two, it will crib both the supernatural and sibling-rivalry dynamic of Supernatural.

Who knows -- the show could turn out to be an amazing post-apocalyptic survival series. We'll have to wait and see, but knowing that the CW is developing this show to clearly cash-in on the popularity of The Walking Dead does not inspire confidence.