January 10, 2011

Where are the zombies? Video of abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

Is there anything creepier than an abandoned amusment park? Is there any more fitting place to find zombies?

Normally, amusement parks are a sea of human motion. People shout, laugh, and eat while machines, lights, and sounds constantly splash, whirl and churn vibrant waves of humanity through its rides and attractions. Life! However, abandoned amusement parks like this Six Flags that was closed before hurricane Katrina and never reopened are a grim reminder of how fleeting life can be. They resonate with an oppressively grim silence in contrast to the life they once knew. Like zombies, abandoned amusement parks are empty shells that once held tremendous life but now continue to exist in a decayed mockery of their former lives.

In this video, I am reminded at first of games like Left 4 Dead 2 and movies like Zombieland that feature amusement parks and zombies. As the video continues, its style and music remind me more of 28 Days Later with its post-apocalyptic stillness. Without people, amusement parks are haunted places one would expect zombies and other decrepit things to wander as lost and abandoned as the park itself.

America has its own little glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world here in this abandoned Six Flags. It's quiet but supremely chilling.