February 16, 2011

Does New York have a Zombie Contingency Plan?

Perhaps not in so many words. However, as Daniel W. Drezner points out, New York's Public Health Legal Manual may provide a very real and legal framework during a zombie uprising.

According to William Glaberson of The New York Times, the manual's dense legal text outlines protocols for search and seizure without warrant, curfews, quarantines, evacuations, property seizure, and a number of other apocalyptic measures including mass animal slaughter and the forced treatment of "infectious" people.

Drezner (tongue-in-cheek) reads between the lines and legalese to suggest that the manual's provisions for securing against "radiological" or "chemical" contamination are, perhaps, a veiled attempt to institute protocols for protecting against the spread of the walking dead.

Do NY officials have a zombie contingency plan in everything but name? What do you think?