February 22, 2011

EAT ME! gets Distribution Deal

Eat Me!, the stoner zombie comedy, will be coming to DVD and online streaming retailer Indieflix starting March 22nd.

According to a press release from the producers of Eat Me!, the indie zombie film will be first available on DVD and Indieflix on March 22nd, with Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes, etc. to follow.  

Eat Me! is the directorial debut of Katie Carman and written by Elizabeth Lee.

Richard P. Rubinstein, producer of George Romero’s original 1978 Dawn of the Dead says Eat Me is a "very well done spoof in the tradition of “Shaun of the Dead” 

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Synopsis: Garage band General Malacarne are practicing their latest set when a mysterious blackout hits Brooklyn. While the band kicks back with some joints in their basement practice space, everyone above ground is transformed into ravenous zombies. Hilarious complications arise as the band realizes their predicament, and embarks on a half-baked scheme to escape the city to the imagined safety of Long Island.

About Cold Hands Productions: 

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Cold Hands' co-founders Katie Carman and Elizabeth Lee have been producing short films, commercials and features for nearly 10 years. They are currently in post-production on their 2nd feature film, a noir horror titled "Off Season" which is scheduled to be completed Summer of 2011.