March 31, 2011

DEAD STOP: Early Preview

Check out his five minute preview of the promising new zombie short film DEAD STOP from writer / director Graham Peddie.

SYNOPSIS: A pair of CDC doctors investigate a mysterious outbreak with fatal consequences.
On Dead Stop, Carlos Henriques was brought on board to create zombie makeup and prosthetics. Henriques has appeared on the Zed Word before when I interviewed him and The Butcher Shop from Fan Expo 2009 and when I reviewed another film he worked on: Vs. The Dead.

In 2010, Carlos Henriques also took me and my girlfriend on a pants-shittingly-scary personal tour of The HorrorShow, his annual haunted attraction on the top floor of the Cork Town Pub in Hamilton, Ontario. I can say from personal experience that when it comes to scary shit Henriques knows how to get it right.