March 30, 2011

Support the ZOM Invasion! Time is running out. Pre-order today!

The ZOM Kickstarter Pre-order is ending soon! You're running out of time!

ZOMs are adorable and customizable plush zombie dolls hand-made by Rick Marson. Marson has opened pre-orders for various customizable versions of Horace, the basic ZOM plush (see above). Depending on your level of contribution to Marson's campaign, if he can sell $5,000 in pre-orders you will get your very own ZOM, or at least some ZOM buttons!

Every order comes with buttons! Buttons galore!

Marson needs140 people (approx 11 people a day) to order the basic Horace ($27) to reach his campaign goal. Or, if you're feeling frisky, you can order Horace with a very fashionable accessory ($47). There are both higher and lower levels of contribution for every budget! Just check out the ZOM Kickstarter campagin for yourself.

A well-dressed ZOM for every occassion.

Like most zombies, Horace the ZOM is off to a slow start now, but we all know zombies evolve. I want to see Horace reach his goal of capturing Survivor Steve. With your help and contribution, we can turn these shambling ZOMs into full-fledged Zombie Olympic Sprinters.