March 19, 2011

Zombie Burger: New Restaurant to Offer Food with a Zombie Feel

A new restaurant is set to open in the East Village of  Des Moines that will offer burgers with a "zombie feel."

The Zombie Burger + Drink Lab is the brain child of chef and horror fan George Formaro. According to "Zombie Burger shuffling to East Village" by Joe Lawler,  Formaro plans to open in August in the E300 Building at 300 E. Grand Ave in Des Moines, Iowa.
The restaurant will be divided into two halves, a more quick service portion with counter ordering and a full service side known as the Drink Lab. The Drink Lab will feature gourmet milkshakes, with creative combinations and alcohol options. The whole restaurant will have a post-apocalyptic feel, like you've entered not long after the zombies have finished dining.
The key choice for any horror-themed restaurant is whether or not to choose a gore decor that could potentially ruin your customer's appetites. According to Formaro, Zombie Burger will strive for less gore  and more atmosphere:
We went back and forth on the zombie/horror aspect, but Zombie Burger just sounded like a cool place. . . . We'll deliver on the food side, but not as much on the visuals of zombies. More the feel of a zombie movie. Clearly you're not going to see things that would suppress your appetite. That doesn't work.
While you might not see a lot of blood and guts on your plate at Zombie Burger, Formaro sounds like a pretty devoted zombie fan. In the article, it is mentioned that Formaro owns the head prop of zombie Uncle Rege from Tom Savini's remake of Night of the Living Dead; he even has the fireplace poker Patrica Tallman uses to brain Uncle Rege in the film. Formaro also cites the Night of the Living Dead remake, Dawn of the Dead remake, and the original Day of the Dead as his favorite zombie films.

If his burgers are as good as his taste in zombie films, I may just have to take a trip to Des Moines to experience Zombie Burger + Drink Lab for myself.

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