March 15, 2011

Zombies for Zombies: The Play & Werk Buk (Review)


Zombies for Zombies:
The Play and Werk Buk

By David P. Murphy
Illustrated by Daniel Heard

Sourcebooks: 2010

4 / 5 zedheads

Puzzlez and Storiez and Gamez for BRAINZ!

David P. Murphy's parody zombie guide book Zombies of Zombies (review) established a humorous fictional world in which a zombie virus (the Provo virus) has turned epidemic. Those claimed totally by the virus are now known as The Horde. They live brainlessly in the hungry pursuit of human flesh. However, with the help of corporations like as the fictional QualiCorps, other people have been spared total zombification through the use of pharmaceutical consumer products, self-help books, and assisted (un)living resorts known as The Scarlet Shores. Zombies for Zombies presented itself as a guidebook for the recently infected to assist them in living a productive Post-Life. The Play and Werk Buk is an extension of the Zombies for Zombies universe and provides 105 pages of stories, puzzles, games and activities to help keep your mind sharp and your appetites considerably less carnivorous while the Provo virus ravages your cerebral cortex.

More so than in Zombies for Zombies, Murphy's playful sense of humour is allowed free reign in the forms of cock-eyed crossword puzzles and quirky quizzes. Zombies for Zombies felt restrained by its guide book format, but The Play and Werk Buk revels in its absurdity. On the other hand, The Play and Werk Buk also becomes a novelty item that I expect few people will read cover-to-cover. You can pick it up and randomly find something goofy to make you grin, but it's not a page-turner by any means. It's also not as funny unless you are already familiar with the Zombies for Zombies universe.

Daniel Heard returns with more excellent zombie illustrations and characters like Chomps the Clown and Horny the Living Dead unicorn, but most of these images are recycled throughout the book while the rest of the illustrations are taken from public domain images and stock photos. It's true that the majority of the book is text-driven, but it's a shame we don't get to see more of his work on display.

Zombies for Zombies: The Play and Werk Buk (The World's Bestselling Inactivity Guide for The Living Dead) is a fun novelty to pass the time. It's more successful in its humor than Zombies for Zombies but at the expense of becoming a novelty item. If you've already devoured Zombies for Zombies, you'll definitely want to pick up The Play and Werk Buk. If this is your first exposure to the Zombie for Zombies line of products, better start off with the guidebook instead.

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