April 19, 2011

Spend your "Evenings in Quarantine" at The Zombie Opera: Live in Pittsburgh

Hello Pittsburgh readers! I hope you are planning to turn out in droves for "Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera" when it hits the stage May 6-7, 2011 at the Eddy Theater at Chatham University. You don't have your tickets yet? Then get your little butt over here and pick'em up.

Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera is a hybrid theatrical stage and film production by Artistic Directors Bonnie Bogovich and Elizabeth Rishel, featuring the talents of Film Director Barry Bogovich, Special Effects Make-up Designer Arvin Clay, and Director of Photography Edwin Huang.

Involving a cast of six people, a projected film runs throughout the entire show, as well as a prerecorded musical accompaniment track of instruments and choral vocals. In this opera, we acknowledge Pittsburgh’s role as the ‘birthplace of the zombie,’ and feature filmed locations from iconic parts of town.

We utilize local talent in the production, featuring volunteer extras from the community in our filmed segments, holding scheduled public previews, Q&A/Talkbacks, and seminar events in and throughout the Pittsburgh region.

The story follows three college friends, as they navigate through the infected streets of Pittsburgh, PA. Each character must take stock of their priorities as they grapple with the living dead and each other, on their way to a military-controlled safe zone.

If I could be there, I would be. Hope some of you at least get to check out the show.

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