April 19, 2011

Trailer Tuesday: POISONED (Israeli Zombie Movie)

Today marks the first full day of Passover on the Jewish calendar, so why not celebrate with a look at what I think must be Israel's first Passover zombie movies: Poisoned.
Bino Aharonovitch is a legendary Israeli war hero. His son, Danny, is far from it. He does his national service as an assistant custodian in a remote base which serves as the home base of “Nachlieli” (the Wagtail) — one of the IDF’s elite units. He spends his days avoiding the violent soldiers and his OCD captain.

But on Passover night, the worst night for an Israeli custodian, his life is about to change. His high school crush, Maya (Orna Shifris), arrives to deliver vaccines to the fighters. She mistakes Danny for one of the fighters and shows interest in him for the first time. Danny keeps up the lie, but fate has different plans. The vaccine makes the elite troops turn into flesh-eating zombies who go on killing the rest of the soldiers in the base.

Danny, being the only one left uninfected, runs for his life — until he finds out that he isn’t the only survivor. Used to avoiding conflict, he now realizes that this time there is no escape.
Danny is going to have to utilize his only skills in order to save himself and his love — gardening skills!