May 14, 2011

SHOCK STOCK: Vendor Spotlight

Independent horror DVDs, cult t-shirts, and poster prints on display at Shock Stock


Producers of If A Tree Falls and Dead Genesis
 In the world of independent Canadian horror cinema, quality can be as elusive as the legendary Canadian Sasquatch. Black Fawn Films, however, has already produced two very impressive and high-quality films that I've seen -- the zombie drama Dead Genesis (review) and the horror-thriller If A Tree Falls (available on DVD May 31st).

If A Tree Falls writer / star Ryan Barrett and producer Chad Archibald
If A Tree Falls, which screened at Shock Stock, is the story of a group of friends who take a road trip but are attacked in the woods by a group of masked men and women who psychologically and physically torment them. It's a great homage to 70s films and, truth be told, is technically and stylistically heads and shoulders above a lot of independent horror. Check out IF A TREE FALLS on Facebook. This is not an independent movie you'll regret spending some money on.


Twisted T's: So many shirts. Not enough money!
Twisted T's specializes in the more obscure or "childhood memory" type of horror film apparel. With t-shirts and hoodies featuring the poster art for films like Nightmare City (review), The Video Dead, Torso, House by the Cemetery, and Return of the Blind Dead (review), you're bound to find something to satisfy your unique horror tastes. Who needs another Freddy t-shirt anyway?


If you wanted poster prints at Shock Stock, you went to the LOBBY CARD INVASION booth. If you passed by, like me, you probably found yourself losing track of time as you flipped through several catalog portfolios of rich, sexy, horror and sci-fi poster prints spanning from the 1950s to the modern age. Specializing in American lobby cards, Lobby Card Invasion also stocks posters from many different countries.

A sampling of sci-fi and monster prints
Unlike other poster dealers I've (unsuccessfully) dealt with in the past, the guys from Lobby Card Invasion were incredibly helpful in locating what I was looking for and making sure I got my prints in one piece. In this case, I was looking for - and got - Godzilla!

AWESOME? No. Super Awesome.

And what's a horror con without TROMA, everyone's favorite low-brow purveyors of independent bad taste and satire? The Troma booth was decked out with, perhaps, one of the largest selections of DVDs and merchandise on the entire Shock Stock floor. They even had some hard to find movies for your perusal.  

So many DVDs it'll make your head spin
Having wanted to get into the Troma catalog for some time, I decided to begin with the company's tentpole franchise: The Toxic Avenger. For a reasonable price, I picked up the complete Toxic Avenger collection -- the four films as well as the complete Toxic Crusaders cartoon. Yes, Lloyd Kaufman's hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength with a penchant for mutilating badguys was once cleaned up and turned into a kid's cartoon show. Only in America....

I don't care what you say. Toxic Avenger 2 was hilarious.