May 15, 2011

The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses (Zombie Novel)

The stakes have never been higher for the protection and survival of the human race as protagonist Will Ritter faces a new kind of zombie – a smarter, faster, organized zombie – in Ty Drago’s new novel The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses. 

When Will Ritter first realized that his neighbor, assistant principal and teacher are all walking, talking corpses he begins to seriously question his sanity—until the corpses attack. Now, these are your standard zombies. The “Corpses” are actually dead bodies that have been possessed like suits of rotting flesh. To make matters worse, only a select few, like Will, can actually see them for what they are.

Forced to join a ragtag army of teenage resistance fighters called the Undertakers, Will finds himself in the middle of a war against an invasion of decomposing cadavers. Unable to return home, Will struggles to accept his new destiny as a fighter—and a leader. Can the Undertakers hold out?
The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses by Ty Drago