June 8, 2011

COWBOYS & ZOMBIES gets UK release on August 1st

COWBOYS AND ZOMBIES, a new zombie western, will be hitting DVD in the UK starting August 1st, but if you're in North America you can look for the same movie under the title The Dead and the Damned to drop on DVD July 26th.

Regardless of what side of the pond you find yourself, check out this trailer for COWBOYS AND ZOMBIES aka. The Dead and the Damned. Looks like it could be a fun Western splatter-fest.

COWBOYS and ZOMBIES movie trailer from Left on Vimeo.


UK release of COWBOYS & ZOMBIES announced:

2011 is a tough year to be a Cowboy – first facing Aliens in the Universal Pictures summer release, the gunslingers now also have to battle… zombies!

Rene Perez’s zombie western COWBOYS & ZOMBIES is being released on DVD in the UK on 1st August. The film has been described as “like Deadwood… with zombies”.

Set in 1849, it follows a bounty-hunter in the old west’s Jamestown, who gets more than he bargained for when he finds the town over-run by zombies - victims of a virus unleashed by a meteor found in the gold rush.

Cowboys and native Indians unite to fight the undead horde, as guns blaze and mutants growl in this showdown for survival in the weird wild west.

Director Rene Perez said: “We have a gun slinger bounty hunter and an Apache Warrior, and although they are afraid of the zombies, they fight back in a big way. Our story starts with a group of gold miners cracking open an ancient meteor, hoping to find emeralds but all they get were alien spores which mutated them into ravenous zombies. Our zombies/mutants are faster and stronger than humans. They just aren’t as smart”

Left Films is distributing the film in the UK, which is now available for pre-order on Play.com and Amazon UK. It’s being released in the USA July 26th under its original title ‘The Dead and the Damned’.

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/cowboyszombies
Play.com pre-order: http://bit.ly/iODfuy

Amazon.co.uk pre-order: http://amzn.to/lmDsTi