June 29, 2011

Night of the Living Dead (2012 Remake) - Cast Announcements

Writer / director Matt Cloude is launching a new 're-imagining' of Night of the Living Dead. Following in the footsteps of Tom Savini, who successfully remade George A. Romero's classic film in 1990, the filmmakers have been holding open casting calls for ghouls and releasing primary cast information via their official Facebook page.

Of special note is the casting of friend-of-the-blog John Migliore. Migliore will be playing "the Scavanger Ghoul". Migliore is a professional background performer and zombie who has appeared as a zombie in a number of films including Survival of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption. I interviewed Migliore in Screamwave episode #23

The cast and crew listing also notes Judith O'Dea (the original Barbara in Night) and Mike Christopher (the Harikrishna zombie in Dawn of the Dead) as being involved in some capacity.

The cast will also include:
  • Sarah Snyder as Barbara
  • Mike Lord as Ben
  • Wade Brown as Johnny
  •  David Witt as Harold Cooper
  • Terry Westfall VanLehn as Helen Marie Cooper
  •  Brenleigh Rigsbee as Karen Cooper
  • April Watters as Judy
  • David Early (the TV interviewer in the original Dawn of the Dead) as Charlie Harland
  • John R. Price II as Sheriff Connor McClelland
  • Donnie Sturges as Emmet Garrett
  • Karen Kettells as Shelly Braddock
  • David Silliman as Billy Wilford
  • Daniel Tarascke as Tobias Wilford
  • Elizabeth Schafer as Emily Wilford
  • Emily Ann Malloch as Lucy Diamond