July 26, 2011

Smile! Toothy new pictures for [REC] 3: Genesis

I wasn't happy with Spanish horror film [REC] 2 (review), but I loved the original [REC] (and need to get off my lazy ass to give it an official review). So, given the law of averages, I am cautiously optimistic about Paco Plaza's solo followup [REC] 3: Genesis. The new pics released over at Dread Central certainly look promising.

What is Spanish for "Brush your teeth" ?
According to Dread Central, [REC] 3 stars Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin, and it "takes place miles away from the original location and partly in broad daylight, giving the film an entirely fresh yet disturbing new reality. The infection has left the building. In a clever twist that draws together the plots of the first two movies, this third part of the saga also works as a decoder to uncover information hidden in the first two films and leaves the door open for the final installment, the future [REC] 4 Apocalypse."
I feel pretty, oh so pretty...
When I had the opportunity to interview director Paco Plaza, I asked if he felt that people who normally don't see subtitled foreign films would still have a horrifying / fun time watching [REC] 2, and he indicated that [REC] 2 was a mainstream horror flick with action and scares anyone can enjoy. Will [REC] 3 be equally as mainstream and action-packed? I guess we'll have to wait and see.