July 22, 2011

Super Shotgun Kills Zombies, Keeps You Alive

To survive the zombie apocalypse, you'll need to blow away a few zombies, but a gun can't help you meet your other survival needs like shelter, food, fire, and water. Can it?
Introducing: The Super Shotgun
The Art of Manlieness website has information about how to make a Super Shotgun that could be the ultimate, hand-held survival device. Designed by Creek Stewart, the Super Shotgun is a modified Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun transformed into a mobile survival kit that packs a punch and more storage space than an Ikea entertainment unit.

Now you're ready for the apocalypse
The gun has compartments for various kinds of ammunition, and can carry 19 rounds in total -- even signal flare rounds. Aside from all the boom that goes into this boom stick, Creek's Super Shotgun comes with a bounty of survival devices and gadets including:
  • A 5'' Ka-Bar knife mounted on a Picatinny rail
  • A flashlight and a compass installed on the gun barrel
  • Storage in stock, pistol grip and pump hand grip for survial supplies:
    • multi-tools
    • fire-starting materials (i.e matches, flint, etc.)
    • a folding aluminum baking pan
    • fishing kit
    • water purification tablets
    • survival blanket
    • first aid supplies
    • whistle
    • non-lubricated condoms (bom-chika-whaa-whaa)
    • etc. 
You can put your weed in here, man.
Creek's also rigged a folding saw that you can mount between the back of the pistol grip and the butt stock sling stud. Packed with all these supplies, the Super Shotgun's going to weigh 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg), 3 pounds heavier than the unmodified Mossberg.

Swiss Army Knife in Gun Form
If you have it, you're good to go. If you lose it, I guess you're screwed.

Find out everything you need to make this Super Shotgun at the Art of Manliness