July 11, 2011

Walking Among the Dead: New Guerrilla Indie Film

Two independent filmmakers from Barrie, Ontario are set to debut their independent, guerrilla style zombie film: Walking Among the Dead

Walking Among the Dead debuts July 15th at the Barrie Imperial Theatre (55 Dunlop St. West). Directed by Ionas Von Zezschwitz and Mickey Cardoni of She Died Productions, Walking Among the Dead is a full-length film shot "guerrilla style" in Barrie and other Ontario locations, a raw shootings style that sometimes got them in trouble with the law.

Talking with Lance Holdforth of the Barrie Examiner,
Von Zezschwitz describes a shoot that got some unwanted attention: "We were chopping a fake head off of a dummy's torso and somebody called the cops . . . . There were two cops that came out with shot guns. They crept around the far side of this house where we were in the backyard and they came out with guns drawn on us."


Thankfully, the filmmakers survived their run-in with the law to finish there film four years in the making. Walking Among the Dead is described as "a movie made for die hard cult zombie aficionados. Blood, guts, home made effects, and a magnificent original score that draws you into a carefully crafted and uncomfortably real survival scenario. The cinematography evokes underground VHS horror classics of the 80's but goes a step further, using a tiny camcorder to capture creative angles that would be impossible to achieve with larger equipment."

Although a version of the film already premiered in Toronto in 2008, the filmmakers say that the Barrie premier will be the final cut. "The version we're putting out now is the definitive final version," Von Zezschwitz said in the Barrie Examiner. "The one we screened in Toronto will never be seen again, It's in the memory of some and that's about it."

The final cut of Walking Among the Dead has a running time of 86 minutes.