July 21, 2011

ZOMBIE PUPPETS: Disturbing Animated Teaser

Feast your eyes on this curious bit of animated violence guaranteed to defile your childhood that was tweeted to me by @ ZombiePuppets.

"Burn Big Bird, Burn" is a teaser for the upcoming movie Zombie Puppets. In this teaser, a sweeping infection invades Sesame Street (I mean "Caraway" Street), turning its puppet residents into flesh-hungry zombies, aka "Zuppets." To put the whole mess to bed, the cast of Zombie Puppets -- Rags the Bunny and his team of grim puppet friends -- show up to quell the Zuppet menace and tangle with some kind of fascist Unicorn government.

I presume Zombie Puppets will be a live action film. While I'm sure Zombie Puppets will not contain any copyrighted Henson characters, this teaser is an intriguing and highly disturbing spoof of Sesame Street that introduces us broadly to the original characters set to appear in Zombie Puppets. I get a Meet the Feebles mixed with Dead Alive vibe from these nasty puppet anti-heroes.

Should be interesting to see more of this premise as it goes into development.