July 12, 2011

Zombie Shop - UK's first online zombie store

Zombie Ad, a frequent commenter here on The Zed Word, has a new store I wanted to show you, especially for you UK readers: it's called ZOMBIE SHOP

Zombie Shop is the UK's first all zombie online store. You can shop for all your zombie gaming and entertainment needs. If you've read Zombie Ad's gaming blog The Lead Shall Walk the Earth, you know he knows his stuff.

Operated by a zombie fan, Zombie Shop offers zombie-themed merch, gifts, and playthings like movies, crafts, snacks (mmmm, jelly brains), and even cosmetic contact lenses and zombie RPG and LARP items. If gaming is your bag, Zombie Shop stocks a
full range of All Things Zombie games, including: the ATZ: Better Dead Than Zed core rules, the two supplements ATZ: Haven and ATZ: I, Zombie, and a current UK exclusive: ATZ: Risks and Rewards Deck.

You can follow Zombie Shop on Facebook and on Twitter.