August 31, 2011


Human culture produces some pretty strange stuff.

When future generations look back into the past, they always turn up some confusing and bemusing cultural artifacts. Take for example Professor Welton's Boxing Cats (1849), Pre-Chewed Pencils, or the concisely-titled book Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimensional Race has Controlled the World for Thousands of Years-and Still Does by David Icke. But when future generations dig deep into the rubble of our current civilization after it's wiped out by zombies, aliens, or Nazi chupacabra nano-werewolves, what will they find?

Probably old issues of the weird and wonderful GIRLS AND CORPSES magazine.

How to describe Girls and Corpses? Well, it's not quite porn although there are plenty of half-naked models and porn stars posed in suggestive situations with fake corpses. It's got a heavy dose of taboo humour about sex and death, but it's not a gore-hound rag, yet it's still a horror entertainment and metal music magazine. Basically, take everything about taboo culture (porn, horror, monsters, tattoos, piercings, and metal) and you have Girls and Corpses.

While it's central conceit is of beauty and the beast (wherein the beast is replaced with dead bodies), its slant is always tongue-in-cheek yet transgressive and taboo enough to make people turn heads. It's not exactly a zombie magazine, and the girls are rarely as dead as their male counterparts, but I couldn't do a month of sex and death without giving Girls and Corpses its due.