August 3, 2011

HOT ZOMBIE NIGHTS: Can Zombies Be Sexy?

Can Zombies be sexy?

Certainly, if you look at most popular culture in North America, sex and death are very popular themes. But are they two great tastes that taste great together?

Enter the erotic zombie: a fusion of sex and death, but is there anything even remotely sensual about this shambling corpse with rotting skin and a hunger for human flesh? Unless you're a necrophiliac with a death-wish, zombies don't seem objectively (nor physically) sexy. And I agree in so far as I have NO desire to have sex with a corpse. However, as an idea I must admit that zombies seem strongly bound to our human notions of sexual desire and eroticism.

Most people don't admit to seeing zombies in this sexy light, however, yet their undead cousins -- the vampires -- have enjoyed over 100 years of hot and heavy media attention. What is True Blood at times but softcore porn slathered in blood? Like zombies, vampires are undead and driven to feed on humans. Why then does the concept of sexy vampires turn heads but sexy zombies turn stomachs?

These are the questions I'm going to explore during Hot Zombie Nights, The Zed Word's month-long exploration of the sexy and sleazy side of zombie media. By the end of August, I hope to show that vampires, compared to zombies, are the in fact the cold fish of the undead world. Zombies can be sexy, but it's a dangerous, taboo, and transgressive sexuality that will ask you to challenge notions of beauty and conventional bodies.