August 19, 2011

MEET THE SEXY ZOMBIE JUDGES -- Kasey Poteet (aka. Diana Prince)

As we count down to the end of August, it's time to meet (or meat?) more of the judges who will be casting their votes for the winners in our SEXY ZOMBIE PHOTO CONTEST -- ending August 31st.

Kasey Poteet (aka. Diana Prince) -- Porn Actress

Kasey Poteet describes herself as "a full-time nerd, part-time porn actress."  She does mainstream work (acting/writing/hosting/etc.) using her real name, and uses the Wonder Woman-inspired alias 'Diana Prince' when she's showing her “naughtier” side. She's appeared in such adult film series as My First Sex Teacher and Masturbation Nation, but she also updates with random tidbits about her life in geekdom and porn.


1.) What makes you a zombie sexpert?

I am perpetually training for the impending Zombocalypse...and I have lots of sexxx while doing so. ;)

2.) What is your favorite zombie movie?

Hard to pick just one, but I'll go with Re-Animator. It may not be the first movie that comes to mind when you think Zombie, but it still counts.

3.) Why are zombies sexier than vampires?

Because vampires are stupid. The end.