August 22, 2011


As we count down to the end of August, it's time to meet (or meat?) more of the judges who will be casting their votes for the winners in our SEXY ZOMBIE PHOTO CONTEST -- ending August 31st.

Nug Nahrgamg -- Actor / Comedian

Nug Nahrgang is familiar to many horror fans as "Good Ol' Reliable Jake" in Evil Dead: The Musical during its Toronto run. He has also appeared in movies such as Cube: Zero, Men With Brooms, and The Love Guru. Nug has been featured as a recurring cast member on SyFy Channel's "Scare Tactics" and CBC's "The Ron James Show". Recently, he's been one-half of Chuck & Vince in the successful "WE WANT IT!" recycling campaign for the City of Toronto and in the just-released Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back. He's a nerd for comics, wrestling, and chicken wings. And, ladies, he's single.

Currently, Nug is working on an improvised podcast in the style of old-time radio sci-fi shows called "Illusionoid" with Second City alumni Paul Bates and Lee Smart. He's also looking forward to shooting the Dark Rising tv series that airs on SuperChannel.


1.) What makes you a zombie sexpert?

Years of experience with women who seemed to be half-dead.

2.) What is your favorite zombie movie?

Not the best one, but I have fond memories as a kid watching Return of the Living Dead 2 and endlessly repeating "Get that dang screwdriver outta my head!"

3.) Why are zombies sexier than vampires?

You can take a zombie to a day spa and pamper her.