August 15, 2011


We're halfway through the month of August. Time to meet (or meat?) the judges who will be casting their votes for the winners in our SEXY ZOMBIE PHOTO CONTEST -- ending August 31st.

ROB SACCHETTO (Zombie Artist)

For 25 years, Rob Sacchetto has been a freelance artist and master of the zombie portrait. In 2006, he launched and has since sold over 1000 watercolour and ink zombie portraits worldwide as well as opened an online store. You can also find Rob's work in his daily-updated online sketchbook/art blog, which also includes podcasts and tutorials for zombie illustrations.

Rob was both featured in and interviewed for the documentary Zombiemania (Canada, US wide release) and used his skills to zombify the prominent horror industry celebrities for a morphing sequence for each interview. Zombiemania is available on DVD.

Rob has also infected the world of print publishing with The Zombie Handbook: How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse and Zombiewood: The Celebrity Dead Exposed from Ulysses Press.


1.) What makes you a zombie sexpert?

Just check out some of the entries on my Zombie Daily Blog!

2.) What is your favorite zombie movie?

"Return of the Living Dead" For many reasons including Linnea Quigley's fantastically sweet role.

3.) Why are zombies sexier than vampires?

They are? (*editor's note: That's blasphemy, Rob!)