August 12, 2011

Sexy Zombie Jello Wrestling (Video)

Yes, apparently Sexy Zombie Jello Wrestling is a thing both delicious and tawdry.

Organized by Morgan Moran, member of the band The Falsies, Sexy Jello Zombie Wrestling occurs periodically in Virgina, as recently as this past June

Compared to Mud Wrestling, Jello Wrestling is considerably more disgusting. Girls wearing almost nothing at all end up getting gelatinous chunks of brightly coloured gunk in their hair, cleavage, and butt cracks. Women who wrestle in green Jello, for example, end up looking like they've been standing under an alien meat grinder.

Now throw zombies into the mix. Zombies are already bloody, slimy, and gross -- even sexy female zombies. As this video shows, Sexy Zombie Jello Wrestling is a messy and tawdry affair.

Zombie Bikini Jello Wrestling from Brian Wimer on Vimeo.