August 15, 2011

Zombies Are The New Vampire: Guest Post and Contest by Daisy Harris

This week, I've invited author of erotic supernatural romance Daisy Harris to give us her perspective on the appeal of zombies in erotic fiction. Not only did she chip in with a guest post, but she's offering you the chance to win a copy of her ebook Lust After Death. Just comment on this post, and we'll draw a random winner from commenters at the end of August. 

Take it away, Daisy!

Zombies Are The New Vampire

Hiya folks! Glad to be on the world-famous Zed Word blog today talking about a topic near and dear to my heart: Zombies in Erotic Romance.

Your fearless leader asked me to explain why an ero-rom writer like me would want to write about zombies. Is there an audience? Do people like it? Here I’ll try to give you the run-down, the market report, the pulse of the sexy-zombie written word. So here it goes:

Red is the new white; flesh is the new blood; despair is the new hope, and zombies are the new vampire. Make no mistake—zombies are on the rise. And the world of erotic romance is embracing the trend with open arms.

Sure, not everyone loves zombies, but the folks who love ‘em, LOVE ‘em. I’m talking drooling, ravenous, desperate longing for zombie stories featuring people having hot and filthy sex.

These folks arrive at Erotic Romance via a predictable path. They start at Urban Fantasy—a genre involving kick-ass heroines fighting big-bad-ugly things and sometimes fucking big-bad-sexy things. Then it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to Paranormal Romance—where the heroine is DEFINITELY going to fuck a big-bad-sexy thing. From there, it’s a steep slope to Erotic Paranormal Romance—where the fucking takes center stage. The things are big and bad, but considerably less ugly. And always have washboard abs.

Hmmmm…washboard abs… Wait…what was I talking about?

Ah yes, zombies! Sure zombies can be unattractive—they decay and despair: they epitomize chaos, and fear. They’re actually scary, whereas vampires sparkle. Furthermore, men built zombies—or at least zombies arise from man’s hubris and carelessness. They’re the monsters we made.

Vampires are old school. They rule the world secretly through a network of puppet humans. That sounded cool a few years back, but nowadays most of us just want to eat those peoples’ brains.

There was a time when zombies were the terrifying “them,” but in some ways they’ve become “us.” Zombies epitomize disenfranchisement and marginalization. Zombies scrabble at the doorway of civilization, ready to eat it alive.

When I set out to write a zombie book, I wanted to tell a story from the zombie’s point of view. That’s a big goal for an author—to understand a point of view that’s totally foreign, completely unrelateable, and to make it work. I created zombies that resembled frankenstein’s monsters. I called them “steins” or “Love-Bots.”

My steins are undead corpses re-animated and run by computer circuitry. They’re built as lab-rats, military personnel, and sex slaves. They’re the perfect underclass of not-real people. My Love-Bots aren’t built with free will, but they want it. They want escape their creators, and to be men and not monsters.

If the series runs long enough, they may stage an uprising. For now, they escape through the Zombie Underground to get re-programmed.

Not too many authors I know have taken this tack with regards to zombies. Most of them write about kick-ass chicks fighting hordes of scary zombies, or folks taking a moment of calm during the zombie apocalypse to have a threesome. I mean—if the zombies are at the gates, wouldn’t you want to indulge in some low-down dirty sex?

I know I would!

Hungry for more? Check out my zombie romance Lust After Death everywhere fine zombie smut is sold (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomance EBooks, Ellora’s Cave.) Also check out awesome zombie smut from a couple of my favorite authors: Charlotte Stein’s Reawakening and Sommer Marsden’s We Kill Dead Things, Book 1 and Book 2!

Oh yeah, and my newest zombie smut, STUDENSTEIN, should be out in October. Look for it on my website ( or follow me on Twitter (@thedaisyharris) for updates and random inappropriate musings.

And finally- leave a comment to win a copy of Lust After Death. Not quite sure if you
want it? Here’s a snippet to whet your palette…

His look dared her to argue, demanded she slink to her corner and cower.

Well, Josie had done enough of that with Adam. “If you just explained to me what you were trying to do...” Her voice rose and she struggled to find the right words, but Bane’s hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. He dragged her hand to the juncture of his thighs and pressed her palm to the ridge along his fly. Only this time she knew what lay beneath, and what he meant to do with it.