September 15, 2011

Four Reasons to Buy Dead Genesis: Special Edition

If you've been reading The Zed Word for any time, you've probably seen me praise the virtues of the film DEAD GENESIS (review). It's smart, it's gory, it's steeped in Romero-isms, and now it's available on DVD in Canada with special features.

I've reviewed the film. I've seen the special features. And I have four reasons why you should buy Dead Genesis on DVD. Right. Now.
1.) The first five minutes of Dead Genesis hits like a machete to the stomach that leaves you standing wide-eyed and clutching at your unspooling intestines.

2.) There is a blooper titled "The Violent Humping of Producer Justin Dmitruk" that is as funny as it sounds.

3.) It contains the zombie segment from Fright Bytes, which is itself an amazing web show hosted by Lianne Spiderbaby. The segment is directed by Dead Genesis writer/director Reese Eveneshen, and it reunites members of the Dead Genesis's cast. It's almost a mini-sequel.

4.) Both the director and producer/cast commentaries proves that director Reese Eveneshen is a zombie fan through-and-through. It's also clear that he and his team are some of the brightest and most resourceful talents in the independent film scene. You're going to learn a lot about making good indie movies just by listening to Eveneshen and his producers describe the making of Dead Genesis.
So, for the price of only $19.95 (including shipping), you get all this and a feature-length movie for less than some of the bare-bones new releases at your local Wal-Mart.

Unfortunately, the special edition is only available in Canada at this time, but if you're a fellow Canuck who loves good zombie movies, put your twoonies where your mouth is and buy your copy of Dead Genesis today.