September 1, 2011

Hot Zombie Nights Wrapup

Hot Zombie Nights, our month-long feature on the sexy and sleazy side of zombies, is now over. Thank you to everyone who contributed guest posts, content, and submitted pictures for our Sexy Zombie Photo Contest.

Although The Zed Word is back to its regularly scheduled programming this month, we're not done with hot, sexy zombies yet. Although submissions are closed for the Sexy Zombie Contest, it's now time for voting! You will soon have the opportunity to cast your vote for the lovely undead lady you think should be awarded the title of SEXIEST FEMALE ZOMBIE. Voting is coming soon! Help make Zed Word history by electing our very first Sexiest Female Zombie, an event I hope to make an annual tradition.

Aside from our wicked contest, here were some of the highlights from last month's Hot Zombie Nights.

Erotic Undead: Explaining the Zombie / Sex Connection

A cultural and psychological look at the taboo relationship between sex and death

REVIEW: The Walking Dead Girls

A disorganized documentary about zombie culture, focusing on a sexy zombie pinup calendar photoshoot.
REVIEW: Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

A sleazy yet kind of fun French horror film with female zombie nudity, dick-biting, and all sorts of other craziness. It might not even be a zombie movie at all depending on which of the alternate endings you've seen.

REVIEW: Zombiewood Weekly


Rob Sacchetto's fantastic send-up of celebrities featuring full-colour illustrations of Hollywood's hottest stars as flesh-hungry zombies.

REVIEW: Dawna the Dead


The atrocious zombie porno film that holds the distinction of being the lowest-rated film I've ever reviewed.

REVIEW: Zombie Strippers


Jenna Jameson's turn as a zombie pole dancer in this half-baked yet surprisingly gory cheese-fest with plenty of babes, boobs, and blood.

GUEST POST: "Zombies are the new Vampire" by Daisy Harris

Writer of erotic supernatural romance, Daisy Harris explains why some authors are populating their erotic stories with zombies instead of the usual vampires. Daisy Harris is author of Lust After Death.

GUEST POST: Wayne Kotke on Orgy of the Dead

Wayne Kotke, the founder of Dead 2 Rights, the advocacy group for the "living impaired," gives his views on the Ed Wood scripted nudie film Orgy of the Dead.