September 10, 2011

Saturday in Hamilton: Spooky Stuff at Supercrawl and Locke St. Festival

This Saturday was a busy day in Hamilton, Ontario. Among the many events happening all over town, I stopped in at the Pagan Harvest Festival at Gage Park, the annual Locke Street Festival, and the Supercrawl on James Street in search of spooky and horror-themed offerings.

Can I offer you some bullshit?
The Pagan Harvest Festival turned out to not be my scene. I don't like to judge anyone's beliefs or faith, but I have a very low tolerance for supernatural hokum and psychic flim-flam. So, to me, the Pagan Festival looked like a Fantasy convention had thrown up all over a new age renaissance fair. I can only take so many booths selling magic crystals, Tarot card readings, and fairy wings before I have to get the hell out of there. Luckily, there was a garage sale nearby where I scored a copy of the crazy and dystopic Australian New Wave film Dead End Drive-In. That made up for it.

So, my next stop in search of the spooky was the Locke Street Festival where I ran into none other than the Gothic Gourd Girl herself and sexy zombie contestant, Stacy of Stacy's booth was an oasis of spooky stuff amidst the usual vendors on Locke Street. She had creepy soaps, zombie-themed t-shirts, and her trademark carved pumpkins and floral arrangements.

All the gourds that are fit to gore

Sweet Candy Body Parts

Fall arrangements


Spooky Carvings

Spooky Carvings

Spooky Carvings
After chatting with Stacy, I moved down the street and found the booth for Miss Belle's Handmade Accessories. Among all the awesome handmade crafts, buttons, and mustache-themed t-shirts (which you can see at her Etsy Store), I settled on a Bloody Bone catnip toy.

Oh, dem bones.

Do you think my cats will like it?

After lunch, I left Locke to check out the James Street North SUPERCRAWL. And who likes to crawl? Zombies like to crawl. Representing the zombies, we had directors Phil Pattison (Vs. The Dead) and Chris Harrison (Devil's Night) of Nictophobia Films as well as blog-regular Carlos Henriques, local effects and gore whiz from The Butcher Shop. The guys were set up selling copies of the indie zombie film Vs. The Dead, which I reviewed back in 2009.

 While on James Street, I stopped in to chat with the good folks that run Hammer City Records, but while leaving I made an unexpectedly cute yet gruesome crochet discovery at the booth for These Loving Hands.

Apparently, it glows in the dark
I love its pink little nerves. These Loving Hands offers a number of cute yarn creatures, including crocheted versions of kids' crayon drawings called Crayarns.

So that was my Saturday seeking out the spooky in Hamilton. I left with a zombie DVD, an Australian exploitation film, gory cat toys, and a headless eye. Not a bad haul, I think.