September 23, 2011


You've seen the contestants. You voted for your favorites. Now, The Zed Word is proud to announce the reader's choice for Sexiest Female Zombies.

And they are:

#1.) COURTNEY (279 out of 1342 votes)

#2.) STACY (226 out of 1342 votes)

#3.) ROXIE (191 out of 1342 votes) 

Thank you to all who entered, voted, and helped spread the word about this contest.

Now, we enter the final stage. Courtney, Stacy, and Roxie will go before our panel of zombie sexperts but only one of these lovely undead ladies will be crowned the SEXIEST FEMALE ZOMBIE.

Please join me in wishing each of them good luck. The final winner will be announced October 1st. Stay tuned, zombie fans.