September 9, 2011

Word War Z: Attack Footage Shows Fast Zombies?

I'm beginning to have my doubts that the World War Z adaptation currently filming with Brad Pitt is going to turn out very good. After a prolonged stay in development hell because no studio wanted to cough up the money to make it, World War Z (based on the book by Max Brooks) is currently filming. It was revealed recently that the plot of the movie concerns a U.N. worker traveling the world to stop a zombie attack from eliminating humanity. This is NOTHING like the book in which a U.N. worker documents the oral histories of a zombie war that already happened.

Now, this leaked footage has me even more concerned. Whereas the zombies in World War Z are shamblers right out of the movies of George Romeo, like Night of the Living Dead, it looks like the zombies in World War Z: The Movie will actually be very fast. See for yourself in this scene being filmed in which a zombie attacks a man and turns him. They don't look very slow to me.

If this footage is authentic, this new revelation forces us to ask, what at all does this movie have to do with Max Brooks's World War Z? I have a bad feeling about this, zombie lovers.