October 21, 2011

Economy looking apocalyptic? Then Get 'Zombie Economics'

I know a lot about zombies, but I'm not the best with money. If only there were a way I could learn to keep my money safe in my pocket in the same way I know how to keep my brains safe from zombies in my skull. Perhaps there's a way....

ZOMBIE ECONOMICS: A Guide to Personal Finance by Rick Emerson and Lisa Disjardins is a new book promising to provide practical and easy-to-understand financial advice using the metaphor of zombies. Zombie Economics is based on the idea that the skills needed to survive an economic downturn correspond to the very skills needed to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you can lay out a zombie survival plan, you can lay out a financial survival plan.

If, like me, financial talk turns you into a dull-eyed, drooling zombie, this book might finally be the one to cut through the fog. God knows zombie fans aren't the most prudent with their money. If we were, would we be double-dipping on all these zombie movie re-issues on Blu-ray?

In this video, co-author Rick Emersen eloquently explains how Zombie Economics differs from other financial guides and advice books. More videos can be found here.