October 1, 2011


The votes are in! After you - the public - voted to select three sexy zombie finalists, The Zed Word's panel of zombie sexperts has made its choice for the sexiest male and female zombies of 2011. I now present the winners.

WINNER: Sexiest Female Zombie

 Stacy of GothicGourds.com

WINNER: Sexiest Male Zombie

Zombie Aden

For being crowned the sexiest zombies of 2011, Stacy and Aden will both receive hot, original zombie art from zombie portrait master Rob Sacchetto, as well as a spookily sensual goody bag of other zombie treats.

Thanks to everyone who voted, submitted, and spread the word about this contest. You're all sexy zombies in my book.

I think I'm going to make this an annual event, so join us August 2012 for the second annual SEXY ZOMBIE PHOTO CONTEST. Start getting gory and gorgeous!