October 5, 2011

The Walking Dead: Nicotero News and Webisodes Round Up

Here at Zed Word HQ, I've been falling behind in keeping up-to-date on recent developments surrounding AMC's The Walking Dead, which premieres its second season on October 16th.

Last I wrote about The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont was being walked off the project and Glen Mazzara was stepping in as showrunner. Since then, Greg Nicotero of KNB effects has also been promoted to a Co-Executive Producer on the show and is slated to direct an episode in season two. Meanwhile, the AMC website began airing a series of Walking Dead webisodes directed by none other than Greg Nicotero.

Find out the origin of The Walking Dead's most iconic zombie by catching up on the six webisode story already available. Handy-dandy direct links follow:
Webisode #1: A New Day
Webisode #2: Family Matters
Webisode #3: Domestic Violence
Webisode #4: Neighborly Advice
Webisode #5: Step-Mother
Webisode #6: Everything Dies